Somewhat retired at 45: How I went from zero to $7 million

At age 45, I recently hit my “number.” I’m now officially somewhat retired. I’m 100% debt-free with a net worth of over $7 million. While I still choose to work part-time to help run the business I started 15 years ago, I now live life on my own terms. I have plenty of free time to enjoy with my family, and I travel for fun frequently. But it wasn’t always this way.

Hi, my name is Nicholas Noone.  Actually, that’s not my real name. I’m an introvert by nature, and I cherish my anonymity. However, I am indeed a real person, I am somewhat rich, and I am somewhat retired.

I live in the United States, in the Pacific Northwest, to be more precise. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, and I have two youngish children. I grew up in an ordinary working class neighborhood with two working parents who earned middle class incomes. I attended public school and a public university.

I worked in my chosen profession for a few years, but like many other Americans, I grew quickly disillusioned. Ironically, I got so disillusioned, in fact, that I have my disillusionment to thank for motivating me to start my own business. I won’t lie. It wasn’t easy.  However, with hard work, persistence, and luck, it paid off in spades. I am living proof that the death of the American dream has been greatly exaggerated.

So why this blog? Honestly, I don’t know. A desire to share my experiences and to help guide others? Because I enjoy writing and find it to be cathartic? The side eyes from my wife when I’m parked on the couch, still in my PJ’s, at two in the afternoon on a Tuesday, binge watching Breaking Bad on Netflix? Yeah, probably that one.

Before concluding my inaugural blog post, I’d like to leave you with one final thought. I’m an ordinary American, a regular guy, probably not much different from you. Through a bit of soul-searching, hard work, and dedication, I not only achieved the American dream, but did so much faster than I ever thought possible.

In future blog posts, I’ll share with you how I achieved my goals and what lessons I learned along the way. Hopefully, you can learn from my successes and failures to reach your own goals. Most of all, I hope you come away motivated and inspired.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to post them below.

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