How much do you really have to work to get rich and retire early?

One of the most frequent questions I get from friends and family is, “How much, and how hard, did you have to work to get rich and retire early?” I won’t sugarcoat this. The simple answer is, a lot. And very hard.

However, the truth is a little more nuanced than that. On the one hand, you will need to work more and harder than you ever did at your day job. On the other hand, you will be far more motivated and passionate about your own business than you ever were about working for someone else or for a corporation.

As a result, from a psychological standpoint, it oftentimes won’t feel as though you’re sacrificing more than before. In addition, you will feel a greater sense of control and self-destiny. In other words, you will undoubtedly clock more hours, but you will feel less indentured than before.

My experience: 12-16 hour days and no vacations for 10+ years

I won’t lie. My business was my life for the first decade-plus of its existence. This was both by choice and design. I knew that in order to become a self-made multi-millionaire in a relatively short period of time, I needed to make this goal a mission.

Working that hard and foregoing vacations for 10+ years is a sacrifice in some respects. However, in other respects, I worked on my own terms, during my own hours, and I was almost always present for my family and children. I regret exactly none of it.

Once you get the ball rolling and see signs of progress, it really isn’t all that difficult or unappealing to immerse yourself completely into your business, at least for a time.

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